Innovation by Request


What do you do when someone knocks on your door and asks for help building a new company to take on the global pharmaceutical corporations that dominate the industry.

They knew they had a great product to start with but they obviously weren’t resourced like the competition.

We thought it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of a brand.

We started by defining a brand position

The core value of the company was listening to veterinary professionals and bringing them solutions to the challenges they requested:

Next was the Name

It needed to affirm the company’s commitment to delivering solutions to veterinarians:

Solvet Logo Marks
Solvet Logo
Solvet Brand Manual

We had to get the word out

Product trade dress was designed along with marketing materials, ads and a website.

Solvet Brand Labels
Solvet Brand Labels
Solvet Brand Labels
Solvet Brand Labels
Solvet Brand Labels

Three Years Later

Solvet is successfully competing with the giant pharmaceutical companies.